Final Thoughts on using Twitter & Blog during module #EDU8213

Today, the world is turning in the era of technological networking, human beings are becoming more sophisticated and socially connected to each other by using social media like twitter which has a tremendous impact on the lives of people across the globe. This media technology has also been widely using in the education sector for learning purpose, collaborative studies, teaching new ideas, sharing thoughts, research, posting their work and enhancing learning experiences of beginners etc. One of such innovative, exciting, thought provoking and interesting experiences I have gone through in my module, ‘The Future of Learning’. I found using twitter and blogging in module quite interesting, amusing and stimulating in terms of improving my learning experience in several ways. Firstly, use of twitter enabled me to comment anyone’s work and shared thoughts using my own space which is more comfortable. Secondly, it created a virtual environment for all students and helped them to initiate fledgling connection among themselves. Thirdly, I found it highly beneficial because it did not only help to establish connections throughout the class but with other external fellows participating voluntarily in the online session which may not have been possible otherwise. Fourthly, it also enabled me to read the articles, blogging, shared opinions posted by other students on a daily basis, view the debates and discussions about the ongoing online topics, videos, audios, and photos regarding the future of learning and other modules’ interrelated information.

Additionally, I would say that inclusion of blogs, articles and links by professional members’ add the real world knowledge to students learning. One can always remain curious to read other’s ideas and share them with own experiences therefore this experience of sharing or learning is really interesting for me as a beginner because it opens the ways to think more creatively. For example, when you get constructive feedback and healthy or positive comments on your blog or article or whatever you share on twitter that really enhance your creativity and learning output capabilities.

Like anything else twitter and blogs also have their pros and cons and I have found some of them as follows. Twitter is an excellent platform for students for sharing their ideas, thoughts and learning experiences with their follows. It is a valuable way for collaborative studies and to keep you up to date about your friends and fellows. You can get positive or negative feedback on the work, article, and blogs by your followers and make it more informative and productive. Students can get immediate news, access information and announcements regarding the class schedules and assignments. In a very small module, twitter made it possible to generate a rich discussion on the topics were given which would not have been possible in limited classes.

On the other hand, anyone (an unknown person) can access one’s information, tweets shared on the twitter which can harm one in any way. With the advancement in technology, most of the teachers reply on using social media as an advance method which can reduce the importance of old methods of teaching. In 140 characters of tweets, that could hardly allow people to convey their message to others. Many students spend most of their time on using such social media rather than concentrating on their studies.


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